Our process

We turn your idea into reality and make every event one to be proud of.


Our process

Rigour, care, punctuality and reliability form the basis of our working relationships. Into this professional mix, we also bring experience, creativity and technological innovation to become your go-to partner. 

The cornerstone of our ethos is that we work WITH our clients, not just for them. The quality of our service emerges in the exchange of ideas and ambitions, a commitment to the project that inspires the imagination and excites the emotions of all those who choose AVEC.


Getting to know each other is essential to ensure we are always on the same page and can respond to your every request in the best way. Discussing, understanding and embracing your institution’s ethos, clarifying the values underpinning an event, making your message our own: that’s where it all starts

The first step we always take together. We start from the initial idea, we share thoughts and insights, then move forwards together to build these into a project, involving all necessary actors and professional experts along the way.


In the initial brief we make a careful note of the key points that must form the foundation of our proposition, paving the way to a constructive and satisfactory collaboration. We see ourselves as the architects of your event, in continuous contact with you, the client, to discuss choices, make decisions, gauge progress. We aim to gain your trust and prove our worth.


We know how to impress

The WOW factor is the surprise we aim for when we exceed your expectations and imagination. It is the typical expression we see on the faces of those who have chosen us as a partner for their event, course, trip or communication project.


Thanks to our team's many years of experience combined with our inquiring approach, we never fail to create meetings which are both original and impressive. A distinctive element of our organization are the innovative supporting technologies that are harnessed to create your event website, your social media presence, and associated apps and QR codes to bring a dynamic, interactive dimension to your meetings.


As directors of proceedings, we take care of the macro concerns and the finest of the minutiae, no matter how many delegates or attendees, because the success of a project always lies in the attention to detail.

We start out with a pencil sketch and turn that into an oil painting of the highest quality, a veritable wonder, a melding of the brush strokes of many. Something to wow and fill with satisfaction at the final picture.

Ours is a comprehensive package of services, bringing added value to our clients and their experience of working with us.


Ours is a comprehensive package of services, bringing added value to our clients and their experience of working with us. Our passion for our craft and our desire to amaze drive us forward, always striving to keep our client centre stage.

We take your brief and build on it to create something truly unique because our motto is: "Aim to amaze so as not to be forgotten".


The steps in our process

Ours is a team effort which starts with an idea: from project design to development and delivery, enlisting all necessary support and providing coordination along the way.

Each step is underpinned by the values of reliability, professionalism and precision.

Before your event
We analyse your target audience to understand their needs, preferences and opportunities.

We schedule a briefing with you to gather everything we need to know in order to drive your project forward and leave no detail overlooked or question unanswered, giving it our full attention and assuring complete transparency.

Event organization
We handle every aspect of the organisation, all the way from start to finish: from initial communications and announcements to building excitement prior to the event, from the registration process to covering all technical, logistical and insurance issues, carefully monitoring each step. Our proactive approach enables us to personalize the experience to create anticipation in your participants in the run up to the big day.

After the event

We evaluate what was achieved, roll out a follow-up program to all participants, offer a free gift or set up a virtual meeting place where they can relive their experience and make it even more memorable. 

Contact us to have your future events organized by people going over and above in the here and now.

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