Corporate events and incentive trips

Build your Team

Our focus when we work on these events is how to best develop and strengthen the sense of belonging to a team, through shared goals and projects so that team members feel they are an active, integral part of achieving them.

Creativity and professionalism

We focus on goals set and priorities defined as we work towards them, respectful and true to your corporate identity at all times. We provide full service management, from selection of the most idyllic location to introducing unique and engaging interludes, bespoke details and befitting gifts as a tangible reminder of a memorable experience.

Our approach to conference organising combines creativity and professionalism in a suite of services tailor-made to your requirements.

Meticulous attention to each stage

What makes us different is the meticulous attention we devote to each and every stage, offering personalized communication and careful scouting of exclusive settings which are then curated specially for the occasion. We have taken our clients to the most fascinating of palaces in Milan, to historic Venetian mansions and to farmhouses in the Tuscan hills, all idyllic backdrops to multidimensional, dynamic events organized around your company, your values and your team.

We think carefully about the site and the venue, and also about your comfort within it. This can be anything from ambient temperature to lighting and sound. We look at every aspect to make sure your corporate event stands out as one to remember.

The sky’s the limit with AVEC

We offer an all-encompassing service, with events for any age group and any situation: spanning all generations and levels of experience, we make sure we have something for everyone to assure full accessibility, inclusion and use of new technologies.

For recurring corporate events, we are constantly researching new ideas to make each edition different from the one before whilst maintaining a central, distinctive and iconic identity.

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