“Imaging Meeting” Symposium – ”Retina Update” CME Meeting

Retina Update

Date: Roma 2015 / Catania 2016 /Bolzano 2018/ Milano 2019/Firenze 2022/Venezia 2023

Attendees: 200

Update and engaging discussion on new imaging technologies and approaches to treatment for retinal disease by world-renowned experts in the field of retina.

C.A.M. – Classification Atrophy Meeting

Date: C.A.M. nr.1 ANNO 2015 – Capri/ C.A.M. nr.3 ANNO 2016 -Taormina/ C.A.M. nr.4 ANNO 2018 – Sesto Moso / C.A.M. nr.5 ANNO 2019 – Milano /C.A.M. nr. 7 – Toscana ANNO 2022 – C.A.M. nr. 8 – Cortina ANNO 2023

A prestigious group of about 40 clinicians, researchers, and engineers met to refine the classification, diagnosis, and recognition of early stages of evolution toward atrophy, with a view to more targeted therapeutic solutions.

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