Our portfolio
Incentive tours and conventions. Carefully constructed itineraries to wonderful places, offering authentic experiences.
Meetings and opportunities to discuss and deliberate. Team building activities.
Meetings and special evenings
National and international conferences for experts in the many different medical specialisms
"Made to measure" incentive projects, conventions, team-building activities, motivational events to make your people feel "the centre of attention"
Conventions and training courses with theme nights
A variety of incentive projects to reward high-performing dealers with visits to fascinating places around the world. Personalized itineraries offering authentic experiences and insights into the places and their people, culture and traditions.
International conferences for experts in a wide variety of medical fields
International conference for cardiologists. Subject? The Nobel Prize
Technical visits, incentive trips featuring outstanding and extraordinary itineraries designed to reward, build loyalty and provide authentic experiences.
Consensus meeting e serate a tema
Motivational events
Staging the Annual Convention since 2010
Kick-off meetings, conference attendance
Investigator Meetings, Conventions, participation in large events in the United States
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